About us.....

Dhanleela Investments & Trading Company Limited was incorporated in the year 1980. The company functions as an investment company and to invest the capital and funds of the company in India. The company is based in Mumbai, India
To invest the capital and funds of the company to underwrite, sub-underwrite to acquire to hold, to sell, buy or otherwise dual in shares bonds obligation, units, stocks, including debenture stock and securities issued or guaranteed by any company constituted or carrying on business in India or elsewhere or any Government, Indian or Foreign or any authority or bodies  municipal, local or supreme including  shares, stocks, bond, debenture, and debenture stock, issued and guaranteed by any company, corporation, firm or person or any entity  having  lawful authority whether in India or elsewhere. To borrow, advance, deposit or lend moneys , securities and property from to or with such persons and on such terms as may seem expedient  to guarantee or become liable for the payment of money or for the performance  of any obligation, and generally to  transect  all  kinds of guarantee and or trust business , provided that the Company shall not carry on Banking business  as defined by Banking Regulation Act, 1949.
The company’s overall operations are maintained by Mr. Vipul Dangi (CMD  And Mrs.Varshsa Dangi Executive Director who are looking for the day-to-day affairs of the management, mainly, marketing and finance.